What Is the Average Child Support Payment in Mississippi?

For those potentially facing child support payments in Mississippi, it’s essential to know some basics about how the formulas and processes work in the state. While each case is different, there are some potential averages to think about when estimating what a child support payment *could* be.

Again, it’s important to note that the average is simply that – an average. All sorts of variables and conditions can dictate what a child support payment actually ends up being.

Average Mississippi Child Support Amounts

According to a 2019 Clarion-Ledger story, child support payments in Mississippi are typically a bit higher than the national average because the state is just one of four that bases one parent’s income to determine payment amounts.

The average amount is $725 per month, ranking the 29th highest in the country. The national average is around $721 per month.

How Mississippi Courts Determine Child Support

As amended, sections 43-19-101 and 43-19-103 of the Mississippi Annotated Code of 1972 detail the state’s child support laws. In Mississippi, the person required to pay child support is often referred to as the “obligor,” and the person entitled to receive child support is often referred to as the “oblige.”

Mississippi does not consider the income of both parents when calculating child support, only considering the income of the non-custodial parent (the one who does not have primary custody).The state says the non-custodial parent will pay 14% of their adjusted gross income (AGI) for one child. For two children, this increases to 20% of their AGI. Three children: 22%, four children: 24%, and five or more: 26%.

Child Support Duration in Mississippi

Child support ends upon the formal emancipation of the child. Emancipation is when the child turns 21, marries, joins the military (and serves on a full-time basis), or receives a felony conviction and is sentenced to incarceration of two or more years for committing said felony.


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