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At What Age Can A Mississippi Court Consider a Child’s Custody Preference?

Children age 12 or older in Mississippi have various rights when it comes to custodial preference. Mississippi mandates that the court at least listens to the child’s wishes at that age, while those 11 and younger are typically kept out of custody proceedings.

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Pros and Cons of a Living Trust in Mississippi

A living trust is an important document to ensure your wishes are fulfilled regarding assets and property. It can keep them out of probate and should be created alongside a will and estate plan. It is especially beneficial for those with high net value.

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What to Know About Mississippi’s Child Custody Laws

This post discusses the basics of Mississippi child custody negotiations when working through a divorce. There are a variety of different settlement options available. Consult a knowledgeable family law attorney to ensure your situation is handled correctly.

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What to Know About Child Support in Mississippi

Child support in Mississippi is not a straightforward issue. There are some basic income rules, but there are also a number of other things to consider. It’s important to understand what this means and the process’s basics outlined in this post.

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How Does Adultery Affect a Divorce in Mississippi?

Adultery can potentially affect divorce proceedings in Mississippi. The state has specific laws and guidelines to determine how the act affects the legal split and child custody and support considerations.

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