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How Much Does a Divorce Cost in Mississippi and What Are the Grounds to File?

Filing for divorce in Mississippi is relatively straightforward and follows a simple fee schedule. Beyond residency requirements and a determination of any potential fault, a divorce can be filed for under $160 and granted after a 60-day waiting period (for no-fault divorces).

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Ways to Help Young Adults Qualify for Disability Benefits with a Special Needs Trust

Special needs trusts (SNTs) are a great way to set aside resources for disabled children and adults. Many families set these up to also allow their disabled loved ones to qualify for public benefits. However, it’s critical that these be set up under the guidance of a qualified estate planning attorney.

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What Mississippi Residents Should Know About Charitable Remainder Trusts

A charitable remainder trust (CRT) can be a great way to protect assets while designating a portion of income for the charity of the trust owner’s choice. This post explains what CRTs are in more detail, along with some of the potential tax benefits. Always consult a CPA in addition to your estate planning attorney.

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How to Obtain Power of Attorney in Mississippi

In Mississippi, there are several rules to follow when preparing a durable power of attorney document. In most cases, it’s essential to consult an estate planning attorney to ensure that you’re preparing the form correctly and that it can be legally executed.

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How Collaborative Divorce Works in Mississippi

A collaborative divorce is a less contentious version of proceedings where both parties come to the table and attempt to resolve all issues outside of a Mississippi courtroom. These calmer negotiations can be a good option for couples who don’t want to deal with litigation and can find ways to compromise together.

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