Firm Overview

Since 1985, the Law Offices of Rusty Williard have been providing the residents of Brandon and the State of Mississippi with blunt, practical legal advice. We treat our clients like family and are not afraid to be honest. Our philosophy is that more communication in the beginning means less misunderstanding later.

Three Decades of Serving Mississippi Residents

If you are dealing with a difficult legal matter, we’ll tell you exactly where you stand and what your legal options are. If we can help you resolve your matter effectively, we’ll get started right away. We like to maintain a friendly atmosphere around the office, but when we go to bat for our clients in court or during negotiations, we represent them as aggressively as we possibly can. We understand that some legal issues (such as those concerning matters of family law) can involve litigation that takes place in a highly emotionally-charged environment, and our clients need to able to trust us during these times. Call the Law Offices of Rusty Williard today to schedule a free consultation with a Mississippi attorney located in Brandon who will be straightforward with you about your legal situation. We look forward to meeting you and discussing your legal situation with you.

Practice Areas

At the Law Offices of Rusty Williard, we offer dedicated legal representation in a number of different areas of practice on behalf of our clients. Our emphasis has traditionally been on general civil litigation related to matters of Chancery Court. Family issues such as divorce, adoption, and child welfare are all handled by the Chancery Court in Mississippi, as are legal issues related to estate administration such as probate. Our goal is to always strive to protect our clients’ rights and privileges while resolving their legal issue effectively. Our areas of practice include: As a dedicated trial attorney, Rusty Williard is always willing to litigate your case if necessary. To get a better understanding of what we do in greater detail, visit our practice area pages.

Attorney Rusty Williard

Rusty Williard is a member of the Mississippi Trial Lawyers Association and has years of experience fighting for his clients in court. Learn more about his educational background and legal experience by visiting his attorney profile.

The Bottom Line

Families or small businesses who are facing challenging legal circumstances need a partner who will stand up for them at every turn. At the Law Offices of Rusty Williard, we’re not here to flatter you or impress you – we’re here to give you sound, practical advice about how you can improve your legal situation. We understand that communication is a two way street. We appreciate that our clients are willing to answer our questions about their cases in detail, and we’re always willing to answer theirs in return. If anything comes up that has bearing on your case, or if you want to better understand how the law relates to your issue, let us know. We’ll return your emails or phone calls as quickly as possible and keep you in the loop at every phase of the legal process. Call us today to schedule your free consultation.

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If you need assistance with a family law, estate planning, personal injury, criminal defense, or business matter, call the Law Offices of Rusty Williard at (601) 824-9797 and schedule a free consultation with a dedicated Mississippi attorney.