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To keep your small business running smoothly in Mississippi’s competitive entrepreneurial environment, you need more than just vision. You need a keen understanding of state law, surrounding liability, and other business law matters that may affect your bottom line.

Structuring and Expanding Your Business

An experienced business law attorney like Rusty Williard can keep you aligned with state regulations when you’re structuring a new small business entity. If you’re forming a corporation, partnership, or LLC, he can guide you through the full legal process, including advising you on how to draft effective buy/sell agreements and LLC member and shareholder documents, and litigating contract disputes as they arise.

Whether you’re starting a new business or are engaging in a major transaction, a capable business lawyer like Mr. Williard can help you ensure that your business moves follow the letter of the law and that your interests and rights are protected every step of the way.

Helping Resolve Your Business Law Issues

Our firm has extensive experience representing clients in the greater Jackson metropolitan area in business litigation, and we’re often able to resolve matters through mediation or other means. But if your dispute goes to civil court, we offer aggressive, capable legal strategies that can help you weather the storm and keep your business interests on track.

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