What Should You Not Do During Separation in Mississippi?

Although Mississippi does not formally recognize separation, a maintenance order may be issued when couples need to split for a temporary amount of time or if one spouse files for divorce. A judge will determine who has which rights to which property and this type of separation is ultimately meant to help one or both spouses maintain a quality of life while an official divorce is explored or completed. Below are four things to consider during this time of separation.

Do Not Start Dating Immediately

Dating immediately will just put an additional emotional burden on everyone involved and bring in a third party that doesn’t need to be a part of the separation. Spending time alone may also allow you to reconsider the split or to make amends for the sake of each other or children.

Do Not Move Out of Your Marital Home Right Away

Moving out before the divorce is finalized signals that you’re abandoning your partner, and potentially, your children. If you can, make it work to live at home and still be a contributing partner for as long as possible while exploring the merits of the separation. If you have to move out, consider talking with your partner about what contact might look like and how you can still contribute to the partnership (which will ultimately look better in negotiations later on).

Be Civil In Front of Children

If you and your partner have kids, it is imperative not to discuss your separation or argue about it in front of your children. Support is important as a split (temporary or permanent) can be especially hard on children and makes the whole process much more difficult.

Allow Your Partner the Opportunity to Spend Time With the Kids

No matter who is mostly responsible for the kids, there should still be consideration given to caring for them as a family. If kids are in the picture, it’s important to keep them as separate from the separation as possible to maintain their emotional and physical health.


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