What is Standard Visitation in Mississippi?

All divorce and separation agreements where children are involved end up with some kind of custody and visitation stipulations written into the final, formal document. The state of Mississippi has specific guidelines set aside that define at a minimum, what amount of time each parent is entitled to for visiting and spending time with his or her children.

Mississippi Standard Visitation Amount

Unless the court finds that one parent is a danger or represents other qualified risks to the child, a noncustodial parent is entitled to two weekends per month (ending Sunday afternoon), at least four weeks of visitation during the summer months, and alternating holidays.

How Standard Visitation Can Change

Of course, every parenting situation is different and the best interests of the child will be the primary concern when determining an appropriate visitation agreement. If the splitting spouses are amicable, a fair and equal arrangement can typically be reached while negotiating between both representing attorneys. However, unusual work schedules, long distances between residences, or a major disruption to the child’s ongoing routine may sway the agreement in one spouse’s favor.

What a Standard Visitation Agreement Should Include

A qualified Mississippi divorce attorney should lead these negotiations and work towards an agreement with your interests and needs in mind. The agreement will need to be highly structured to account for any and all situations that might arise, especially concerning the cost of transporting the child between both parents. Having an extremely detailed visitation agreement typically prevents the need for continued post-divorce litigation.

Biological vs. Non-Biological Parent Visitation

Mississippi law states that a parent who is biologically related to the child can request visitation rights as part of the divorce process. While a non-biological parent can file for visitation rights, that request becomes more difficult to grant if it’s not deemed in the best interest of the child.


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