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What Is the First Step in the Estate Planning Process?

Estate planning can be a long and complicated process, but it helps to break it down into smaller steps. Here’s the first thing you should do:

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What Is Considered Desertion in a Mississippi Divorce?

Desertion is one of 12 fault grounds that the state of Mississippi considers a reason for divorce, but the definition of desertion is very specific.

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How an Experienced Mississippi Estate Planning Lawyer Can Help

Estate planning has many complicated parts, but a lawyer can help.

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Grounds for Contesting a Will in Mississippi

If it is necessary to contest a will, how do you do it? And who is allowed to determine if contesting is necessary? Let’s answer those questions now.

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How Often Is Child Support Reviewed in Mississippi?

The amount of child support you pay is based on set percentages to be taken out of your adjusted gross income, and it goes up for every child until 5.

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