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At What Age Can a Child’s Custody Preference be Considered by a Judge in Mississippi?

Children age 12 or older in Mississippi have a variety of rights when it comes to custodial preference. Mississippi mandates that the court at least listen to the wishes of the child at that age while those 11 and younger are typically kept out of custody proceedings.

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What is Standard Visitation in Mississippi?

Standard visitation in Mississippi includes two weekends per month, a set amount of time during the summer, and alternating holidays. Visitation agreements can be emotional and difficult to negotiate and definitely require the support of a qualified divorce attorney.

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Can Child Support Be Taken out of the Next Round of Stimulus Checks?

Not unlike other forms of federal payments, stimulus checks can be withheld or offset to cover delinquent debts in a custody battle or with child support. It’s important to understand what this all means for you before deciding where that money should go.

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Is A Living Trust Taxable?

In almost all cases, living trusts are taxable. This occurs because the assets of the trust are considered income and subject to certain federal and state taxes. A good estate planning attorney and accountant can work with you to alleviate some of the overall tax burdens.

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What Qualifies for Divorce in Mississippi

While Mississippi follows some of the same divorce rules as other states, it outlines 12 specific grounds that can be cited in the event of a potential divorce. It’s essential to understand what these mean and how they may apply to your situation.

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