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How Alimony Amounts Are Determined in Mississippi

Alimony amounts are typically determined by the court and consider a wide range of factors. It’s essential to understand how these factors, especially the needs of children and custody, will affect the overall amount you may have to pay.

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Divorce and Separation Tax Considerations for 2020

There are a number of tax implications to consider when beginning divorce proceedings. Everything from higher deductions to claiming dependents as an individual will make all the difference when it comes time to file in 2021.

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What To Know About Unpaid Debts and Estates

Unpaid debts can be especially tricky and difficult when working through the assets of an estate. It’s important to note which debts are the responsibility of the estate to pay back through probate and which will be forgiven when someone passes away.

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The Basics of A Special Needs Trust in Mississippi

Special needs trusts exist to set aside resources for disabled loved ones who may need long-term or sustained care. There is some careful planning involved, especially when considering whether to construct the trust as a first- or third-party document.

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How to File for a No-Fault Divorce in Mississippi

Filing for a no-fault divorce in Mississippi happens in a similar way to a fault-based split. There are certain rules and laws in place for residency, asset division, and more. Of special note is how child custody is handled within the proceeding.

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