At What Age Do You Stop Paying Child Support in Mississippi?

Child support is often one of the most contentious parts of any divorce proceeding. It involves painful and emotional issues intertwining money, divorce, and custody issues into a difficult negotiation.

Mississippi parents potentially facing situations of child support should understand some basic legal tenets about child support in the state when getting into these tense negotiations.

Mississippi Age for Child Support Termination

Child support responsibilities typically end in one of the following circumstances:

  • the child turns 21 years of age,
  • the child enters the military,
  • the child gets married
  • the child becomes self-supporting (financially, physically, and emotionally)
  • the child is adopted by a third party

Additionally, a parent can seek a reduction in his/her child support payments if his/her salary decreases. On the other hand, a provision within negotiations may state that the court could increase child support payments if the supporting parent’s salary increases significantly.

How Child Support Typically Works in Mississippi

Although gender is becoming less relevant in the conversation, most judges still award primary custody – and a majority of the parenting responsibility to the mother. The custodial parent must also ensure that the support payments are spent solely to benefit the child. This requires detailed accounting and reporting regarding those funds. Keep in mind that the court could request those records at any time.

Modifying Mississippi Child Support Agreements

Any changes to a child support arrangement must happen through the courts. This includes requests for additional support money from the supportive parent as the child ages, adjusting for cost of living, or increased medical & dental expenses.

In all cases, the primary responsibility is to the wellbeing of the child or children. Courts throughout the state strive to do what’s in the best-perceived interest of the child and that sometimes can create conflict with sparring parents.


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